Welcome to a life that is more secure, and efficient

With Boltivate, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world, share access to expected guests, automate your entire schedule, and secure your entire house at the push of a button.


Boltivate has been engineered around you. Expertly designed and programmed exceeding each of your needs, Boltivate is breath taking at sight.

Boltivate iOS App

Meet the Boltivate iOS and Android app

Secure you house when you leave for work. Have your door unlock as you approach your home, and remotely allow expected guests inside – all right from your smart phone.

Get Notified 

Get notified when someone enters or exits your home with LockDown

Share keys 

Share your Virtual Keys with expected guests.

Secure, yet convient 


your home, just a tap away 


Be The First To Know

With Boltivate, you’re alerted the instant someone enters or exits your home.

Never Miss Activity

Boltivate records and logs all of the activity at your home, so you can keep track of who enters and exits your home, and when.

Share Access To Friends

With Boltivate, you can easily share access to your home with expected guests, all under your terms.


Secure & Protect you home with LockDown – By Boltivate